Will ceramic coating suit your car, and the way you maintain your vehicle?

In the past the best, and only, way of putting a LSP (last stage protection) coating on your paint work was by using one of the many waxes on the market.

These waxes sold on the back of making your paint work shine and added a sacrificial layer against the like of ‘acid rain’ (remember that?). Their main problem was that depending on the ingredients used was how long they would actually stay on the paint.

The term used was a Carnauba wax which, in its purest form, is impossible to spread onto a car and is indeed very hard.

However, realistically, the best would last a maximum of 6 months. In recent years synthetic waxes have been made and combinations of these with carnauba are widely available but the longevity is still very similar.

Ceramic coating is primarily the use of Sio2 Silicon dioxide used as a LSP. It forms a layer of protection much the same way as wax but is much harder and much more durable.

ceramic coating cornwall

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