Mini valets and pre-sales valets

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Mini Valet

Spandau Valet offers a fleet-style mini valet service for cars in company car parks, family bookings and other bulk orders. We’ll come to your work and give your vehicles a good once over, resulting in a economical way of keeping your wheels looking smart. *Only available with group bookings/office car parks

  • Wheels and tyres washed dressed
  • Bodywork pre-sprayed and washed and dried
  • Interior vacuumed (excluding boot area)
  • Dash and console cleaned and finished

Prices from £25.

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Pre-sales Valet

Looking to get the most for your car and a quick sale? Then let us completely prepare your car. Everything that is needed for perfect presentation is included from minor scratch removal, paint touch ups, all marks on fabrics shampooed out, mats and carpets made factory fresh and engine bay tidied.

The cost of any work done is usually recouped, and more, in the final sale price plus the added bonus of a quick sale saving you hours of wasted viewings and tyre kicking.

Call to discuss your requirements so you are only paying for what is needed.

Prices starting from £70.

Detailing packages

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Exterior Detail
  • Paintwork snow foamed
  • Door shuts and fuel flap de-greased and cleaned
  • Wheels cleaned with Ph-neutral bleeding Iron cleaner
  • Lower panels cleaned with liquid clay iron remover
  • Tyres and arches deep cleaned and dressed
  • Bodywork washed with lamb’s wool mitten and CarPro Reset shampoo
  • Rinsed and dried
  • Panels de-tarred and re-washed
  • Final wipe with isopropanol alcohol
  • CarPro Reload silica coating

Prices from: cars £40, SUV / estates £45, 4×4 £50.

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Paint Enhancement

A deeper level of cut to the gloss boost by using two stages of cut.

More defects are removed and improved shine.

Cornish road rash from brambles are greatly reduced or removed from the sides.

Medium UV damage and oxidation is cut away.

As a guide approximately 75%-80% of defects are corrected.

Prices from £200.

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Paint Gloss Boost
  • Snow foam pre-wash
  • Door shuts de greased and cleaned
  • Ph-neutral hand wash rinse and dried
  • Wheels cleaned with p- neutral bleeding iron cleaner
  • Full vehicle clay bar cleaned
  • Tar spots removed
  • Trims and rubbers protected with tape
  • All panels have paint depth measured and recorded to determine the level of cut allowed
  • Pad and polish selected for single stage paint enhancement to cut and leave hologram free finish
  • Final inspection and IPA wipe
  • Trims and tyres dressed

Prices from: cars £125, SUV / estates £135, 4×4 £150.

Your choice of either Autoglym High Definition Wax or Autoglym Ceramic Coating (£45 extra)

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Ceramic Coating New Car Protection

With most dealership applied protection only lasting 3-6 months, most of the money spent is in the commission. We offer two genuine ceramic coatings from the biggest names in the business

Firstly Autoglym Ceramic coating offering 12 months protection

Wash, clay bar, IPA wipe down, apply.

Prices: cars £100, SUV / estates £115, 4×4: £130

CarPro CQUK Version 3 is our two-plus year ceramic coating. Having been using this product for the last five years, its claims are guaranteed by us. Before application, as a minimum, your car is clay bar cleaned and IPA wiped before application. Most dealership-applied products are layered straight onto bonded-on dirt left from the factory manufacturing process and transportation.

Prices: cars £150, SUV / estates £160, 4×4 £170.

We recommend taking the combination of CarPro CQUK ceramic coating after the gloss boost detail with this and offer a discounted price for both

Prices: cars £250, SUV / estates, £270, 4×4 £295.

Interiors and Roofs

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Interior Deep Clean

A deep clean for heavily-soiled and daily driven cars that need a reset.

External of car and wheels washed, all door shuts and fuel flap degreased and cleaned.

Entire car dry-vacuumed using detail brushes to remove dust from vents, switches and console.

All plastics and dash / console pre-sprayed and washed with interior cleaner, wiped dry and dressed with natural finish dressing.

Mats and carpets pre-sprayed with Autoglym Super Interior Cleaner, deep cleaned and wet vac-rinsed

Seats cleaned and dirt extracted through wet vac machine

Leather cleaned with natural soap left to dry then UV resistant leather balm applied.

Windows polished.

Choice of air freshener applied (included) or Autoglym sanitiser air con bomb to finish (£10 extra)

Prices: cars £45, SUV / estates, £65, 4×4 £80 (for heavy sand or pet hair, extra charges may apply).

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Fabric Roof Cleaning

Fabric roofs need cleaning and treating to maintain their appearance and function. Dirt and grime from trees, birds, mud and lichen build up in the weave of the cloth and over time stain and embed themselves into the roof.

Just blasting it with the pressure washer at best would leave lines across the surface or, in worse case, rip the material.

We use a combination of specialist biodegradable cleaners, brushes, wet vac and good old elbow grease to lift out years of debris.

After drying and final inspection, a coating of quality re-proofer is applied to reinstate the durability of the fabric and help block further dirt from settling back.

Prices depending on size and soiling start from £50 and up to approximately £80.


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